Nugent: Wildlife Science Battlecry

Celebrate the amazing wildlife management success story of North America and say Hallelujah and pass the backstraps like you mean it. It really wasn’t that long ago when America woke up to the heartbreaking disaster of the irresponsible, runaway, indiscriminate market hunting slaughter of our precious wildlife.

Few Season Changes in Store for Popular Deer Hunting State

Changes in the bag limit for white-tailed deer and formal approval of a specific firearm category were among the regulations approved for the upcoming season. The Ohio Wildlife Council met April 12, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and approved the 2017-18 hunting and trapping seasons. White-tailed deer hunting...

You May Be Surprised to Know This About Hunting

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has launched a new campaign called “You may be Surprised to know this about hunting” to connect and even surprise the non-hunting public with stories about improved wildlife populations and the conservation efforts of hunters. NSSF presents this social media campaign in a five-part infographic series...