Cooking Venison and Game

A hearty supply of elk all wrapped, secured in the freezin' cold Yeti and ready to be prepped for the table!

Long Live the Mighty Beast in Your Belly!

With majestic critters of every description and species tipping over at record numbers already this phenomenal hunting season 2015, I thought for sure now is the time to celebrate the glory of such sacred life sustaining flesh hitting grills and skillets all across America like we mean it. By Ted Nugent Kill ‘em &...

Yeti Tundra cooler

With the Best Cooler, Your Venison Will be Fresher

In 2013 when I was preparing to drive west for a deer hunting trip to Kansas, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to bring home my buck to enjoy the delicious meat. Fortunately I was able to kill a nice buck, as did the rest of our crew. It had a big body...

If you don't have any venison just yet, try out Scott Leysath's recipe with beef. (Photo courtesy of The Beef Checkoff -

Ready for a Creative, New Way to Prepare Your Venison?

We’re never too big on Cream of Mushroom as a go-to for venison dishes, and often see hunter-chefs resort to some worn out recipe that isn’t tasty. “Prepare venison, put into slow cooker with giant can of Cream of PastyGoo and some herby pepper, cook the snot out of it and then eat it with...