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Predator Hunting Tip: Mix Up Your Sounds

This is an excerpt from Jared Blohm’s article “Schooled,” which appears in the Winter 2014-2015 issue of Predator Hunting Magazine. The issue is now available on newsstands and in digital format. By Jared Blohm Although some predator hunters swear by sticking with one or two go-to sounds on each stand, Hunters Specialties Pro Staffers...

Cory Lundberg (left) along with Aaron Carter of the NRA and Mike Nischalke of Texas with a Wyoming 'yote Carter put on the ground. Hunting with multiple people can be a plus since you'll have extra eyeballs scanning the terrain. (Photo: Alan Clemons)

Kill More Coyotes with This Incredibly Easy Trick

Every year during the deer hunting season, a coyote will wander within range of a camo-clad hunter and he’ll dust his smelly butt with a rifle or slug gun. Bowhunters get in on the action occasionally, but mostly it’s the gun hunters who perforate the song dogs. Over the course of a season, in...

Put more emotion into calling to attract more coyotes and bobcats.

For More Predators, Turn Up the Heat

  When you’re pursuing predators for fun or as part of your deer management plan, be sure to do your scouting and preparation homework prior to the hunt for better chances at success. These weekly tactics, ideas and suggestions from Trapper & Predator Caller can help with your predator problems on private or leased lands. By Mark...