Daniel Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom


Curious Deer Can’t Resist This Powerful Scent

A month ago in the heat of summer, DDH Editor in Chief Dan Schmidt captured this video on his Wildgame Innovations game camera of a buck checking scent on a sapling. It wasn’t just any scent, though. Schmidt had doctored the sapling with Smokey’s preorbital gland lure, one of the hottest and most effective...

DDH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt tagged out in Kansas on this fine buck, which had a club foot.

Whitetail Wisdom Gleaned Over the Years

Single-cam bows. Mechanical broadheads. In-line muzzleloaders. Go back 20 years, and you can realize all of the amazing improvements we’ve seen infiltrate our deer hunting world. I’ve been beyond blessed to have seen this community grow and mature during the past two decades during more than 20 years working at the same media company. I’ve...