Deer Anatomy

Learn all about deer anatomy!

Now Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: Shot Simulator App

Where to shoot a deer

Learn all about deer anatomy with Shot Simulator.

With Deer & Deer Hunting‘s Shot Simulator, you’ll learn TONS about deer anatomy. Using this powerful software, you make a customized shot on a deer. Peel back its layers to see exactly what deer anatomy your shot hit. Then receive detailed trailing advice about your shot.

You’ll learn more about deer anatomy than you ever thought possible.

“I can’t wait for hunting season to use this in my treestand.” – BHunter4

“My 12yr old prefers this to Angry Birds among all other game apps! He spends a lot of time on this app learning and showing ME a better shot.” – Michelle Wahlen

“Good app that gives great info.” – HoosierHunter43

Whether you’re creating shooting lanes in the woods, reviewing trail cam photos or sitting in a tree stand, you can experience real-world shots in a virtual setting and learn about deer anatomy with the Shot Simulator app.

Click here to get the app for just $4.99 for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

PC and Mac Users

Click here to purchase the download for $19.99 (PC or Mac).
Click here to purchase the Deluxe Edition on CD (includes bonus Vital Information video, D&DH articles and deer anatomy charts). (PC or Mac)


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