deer antlers

SHEDS  Leland Hinkle with a fine Oklahoma shed

Shed Hunting is Illegal in This State!

If you’re doing a little post-season scouting, you may come upon an antler shed or two. Heck, you’ll probably be tempted to pick it up and keep it, particularly if it’s a large piece of bone that’ll elicit plenty of “oooos” and “ahhhhs” from your hunting buddies. All shed hunters know that with finding...

Antler restrictions may work better on private land with voluntary decisions than on a statewide "one size fits all" basis and mandated by a wildlife agency.

Learn to Measure and Score Deer Antlers

Learning how to measure deer antlers is a great way to enjoy your hunting experiences more and also help friends who may have big bucks they want scored. Antlers will abound throughout the Palmetto State as the search for new state record deer antlers gets underway during the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ annual...