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Scoring deer Jawbone Michigan DNR

WATCH: Learn to Age Deer with Their Jawbone

One of the most asked questions deer hunters pose to themselves when they see a buck or doe, or ask other hunters at the skinning shed, is common throughout the country. “How old is it?” Determining age in a deer isn’t impossible and is a good part of your management program. Pulling the jawbone...

EHD Deer dissection

WATCH: What You Should Know About EHD

Deer hunters know a lot but always can learn more, which is where advice and knowledge from experienced folks pays off. What do you know about epizootic hemorrhagic disease? It’s one of several hot topic diseases in deer that hunters know of but often don’t know much about. Here’s a description of EHD from...

A close-up at the whitetail's molting process. This doe is losing her winter coat - fast. She will soon don the clay-red hairs of summer. Stealth Cam photo by Daniel Schmidt)

Molting: When and Why Deer Lose Their Hair

If you have trail cameras out, you’ve probably noticed some really ratty-looking deer out there. I’ve received many inquiries here at D&DH, and the common question is: What’s wrong with the deer? There’s nothing wrong with them, actually. The annual molting process — the few weeks in spring when deer lose their thick fall...

Research at the Auburn University Deer Lab in Alabama encompasses a wide variety of ideas that have helped biologists, conservationists and hunters for decades.

Deer & Deer Hunting Partners with Auburn University Deer Program

IOLA, Wis. — Deer & Deer Hunting, America’s first, exclusive whitetail hunting source, announces a new partnership with Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences to provide deer enthusiasts with cutting-edge insights on white-tailed deer research, behavior and biology. The partnership will include year-round coverage in Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, TV show and...

Jeremy Flinn for Blog1

Core Component: Shoot the Biggest Buck of Your Life

Tying to cover a single buck’s massive range during hunting season is nearly impossible, but just like us, every buck calls a much smaller area home. Any seasoned hunter could tell you about a tree stand or old, fallen oak he just knew was the perfect spot. It had everything a big buck could want:...

Utah's biologists are keeping an eye on state mule deer populations this winter.
(Photo: Brent Stettler)

Biologists Keeping Close Eye on Deer This Winter

Snow and cold temperatures have blanketed the places mule deer live in Utah, bringing biologists with the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources out in force. As they do every winter, biologists are monitoring the state’s deer herds closely. If conditions get too severe, the biologists are prepared to feed the deer specially designed pellets. The...