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Texas Mule Deer

Texas Confirms CWD in Deer

Samples from two mule deer recently taken in far West Texas have been confirmed positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. These are the first cases of CWD detected in Texas deer. Wildlife officials believe the event is currently isolated in a remote part of the state near the New Mexico border. The Texas Parks and...

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Leave Fawns Alone in the Wild

With the official beginning of summer, white-tailed deer fawns begin to appear in Mississippi and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks advises people to leave them alone. “In late June we begin to receive a large number of calls and reports that someone has found a fawn” said William T. McKinley, MDWFP...

Spring is the Key to Deer Nutrition

At the end of winter, as day length increases, the whitetail’s physiology and behavior change markedly. Deer become much more active in March, and, given the opportunity, increase food consumption. The rise in activity is presumably associated with an increase in thyroid function and rising metabolism. This springtime increase in deer activity typically occurs...

Controversial Research: Bacteria, Not Prions, Cause CWD

by Darren Warner, D&DH contributor Note: Deer & Deer Hunting does not endorse one CWD explanation over another. Research is ongoing. It is committed to fueling discussion about important issues relating to deer hunting. Leave a comment below with your views about CWD. In 1982, neurologist Dr. Stanley Prusiner discovered the prion, a misfolded...

Blue Eyed Deer

I started hunting with my husband three years ago. I didn't get a deer the first year, last year I got 2 does and a small fork. This year has been really tough, it has been warm and windy a lot and very little snow. I went out Sat. after Thanksgiving and got this...

Deer Fat 101

Deer would die during periods of harsh weather and food shortages unless they used fat efficiently. Learn more about this cornerstone of deer survival.

The Truth About Deer Lungs

In light of some confusion and controversy over the D&DH article “Dead-Space Debacle,” Dr. Phillip Bishop clarifies aspects of this intriguing part of white-tailed deer anatomy and physiology