Deer Decoys

Rinehart's Doloma Decoy lineup expands this year with the cool Bedded Doe decoy.

ATA 2017: Rinehart Expands Doloma Decoy Line

For Rinehart Targets the launch of the entire motion-focused Doloma Decoy line was a great success in 2016. For 2017, Rinehart has continued expanding on that product line with the introduction of the Doloma Bedded Doe decoy. Cruising bucks certainly take interest when they spot a bedded doe—especially a bedded doe with another competing...


10 Great Tips for Decoying Big Bucks

During the pre-rut and rut I love deploying a decoy in my setup and getting aggressive. This seems to be the best time as bucks are on the move, and if they are not with a doe they are usually on edge and ready for a fight at anytime! The buck decoy I use...