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The burrito or soft taco is an easy way to get breakfast on the run or kick back with friends and a cold brew. (Wikipedia)

Fast and Easy Venison Breakfast Burritos

I woke up in a strange Mexican hotel, groggy, clothes strewn about, wondering where the heck I was in the darkness and what I was going to do for food since I only knew a couple of other people in the entire country. There was no food in my room. Water? Sorry, not drinking...

Specific foods that deer eat in different parts of the country along with the methods of field-dressing, and time from death to getting the meat in the cooler, all can play roles in the flavor of the meat.

Taking the Game Out of Your Deer Meat

Meet the turnip-patch doe. It happened back when my middle son Ethan was just a boy. We were on a special youth hunt not far from the west bank of the Missouri River in South Dakota. The youngster was working like a trooper through some rough, cold weather in an attempt to kill his first...

A glass of beer, ale, lager, stout, cider or other malted beverage can enhance the flavor of your venison dish . (Photo: Wikipedia)

Best Beers to Drink With Your Venison

Malt and hops are strong enough to stand up against the bold flavors wild game is known for. Plus, carbonation is a natural palate cleanser and few ingredients cut through fat like hops can. What does all of this mean for the meat eater? The right beer just might be a better accompaniment to...

Turkey is great with different vegetables or recipes, from this herbed breast with mushroom gravy from Betty Crocker to wild birds you've dolled up with your own recipes!

From the Turkey Woods to Your Table

Domestic and wild turkeys actually have very little in common — one was bred for the table and the other evolved to escape predators. No, the wild turkey is in a category of its own, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great on the plate. It just takes a little different care, from the...

Public land bucks often are tougher to pattern and hunt due to the pressure on the land, but some hunters achieve annual success through hard work, woodsmanship and a bit of luck.

How to Get the Jump on Public Land Bucks This Season

Hunters who have private land they can hunt rarely gravitate to hunting open-to-hunting public lands simply because no matter how much hunting pressure private parcels receive, nearby public lands usually receive more, have fewer mature bucks and can be more difficult to hunt. However, even in the heaviest-hunted states, there are public-land gems that...

Slick Trick RaptorTrick broadheads have a 2-inch cutting diameter with razor-sharp blades.

Hot Gear: Devastation and Death with the RaptorTrick

Slick Trick broadheads unleashes the RaptorTrick expandable broadhead, the latest advancement in an extensive and proven line of broadheads hunters trust to get the job done. Listing to the consistent demand of diehard bowhunters searching for a more efficient and aerodynamic broadhead in flight-that still delivers devastating effects upon impact, the RaptorTrick was developed specifically to...