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Venison Recipes: Smoked BBQ Roast

There are so many options of recipes to try with the option of both venison and a smoker, the thought of trying to decide what to go for can make your head spin. So, here's the easy choice, try this delicious roast recipe from Tim Stuart and share it with your...

New Odor-Destroying Hunting Gear from ScentLok

New for 2018, OZ Active Odor-Destroyers by ScentLok are designed to reactivate activated carbon garments and deodorize other gear and accessories, while also keeping the environments around hunters and their gear as odor-free as possible.

Simple, Hearty Grilled Venison Butter Steaks

We've had a couple warm, sunny days here to break up the cold and snow lately. And there's no better way to celebrate a break from winter than grilling out. Nothing fancy, just some venison on the grill, maybe a baked potato on the side, a cold beverage, and that's enough...