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Great deer processing tips and gear articles, along with venison recipes to make your next meal a real trophy.

Apple Venison Meatballs

Foodie Friday Recipe: Apple Venison Meatballs

Some weeks of the year are busier than others, without enough time to prepare much for nice meals, and that's when venison meatballs can really shine. They're easy to make, taste great, and can be used for spaghetti, with sauce for appetizers, with noodles, on hoagie sandwiches and more.
Foodie Friday Recipe: Venison Neck Roast

Foodie Friday Recipe: Venison Neck Roast

The neck meat on a deer is sometimes overlooked when it comes to cleaning and cooking, which is a shame, because it can be used to create some outstanding venison neck roast recipes. One of the best methods is to toss it in a slow cooker with a few extras and...

Cowboy Venison Chili Recipe

Foodie Friday: Venison Chili the Cowboy Way

Camping and hunting seasons will be here before we know it, and venison chili cooked over the campfire is the perfect way to let out your inner cowboy. An easy, powerfully good tasting, filling meal after a long day in deer country is tough to beat, and Paul Doty, of New...

Venison Backstrap with Demi-Glace

Gourmet Recipe: Venison Backstrap with Veal Demi-Glace

If you're in the mood to try something different this weekend and add a little flair to the menu, try out this venison backstrap recipe from Larry Cooke. The coffee spice rub, demi-glace and mesquite wood will combine to create an enticing mix of flavors. The process may take a little...

Ground Venison Cooking Tips

5 Secrets to Cooking Great Ground Venison Meals

Venison is such a versatile meat for cooking, there's no end to the recipes a creative cook can come up with, and ground venison adds even more options to the list of delicious meals that can be sourced from our favorite hunting pastime. Just remember, cooking ground venison is different than...

Venison Recipes: Smoked BBQ Roast

There are so many options of recipes to try with the option of both venison and a smoker, the thought of trying to decide what to go for can make your head spin. So, here's the easy choice, try this delicious roast recipe from Tim Stuart and share it with your...

Simple, Hearty Grilled Venison Butter Steaks

We've had a couple warm, sunny days here to break up the cold and snow lately. And there's no better way to celebrate a break from winter than grilling out. Nothing fancy, just some venison on the grill, maybe a baked potato on the side, a cold beverage, and that's enough...