What You Don’t Know, but Can Learn, About Deer Hindquarters

Do you know how to efficiently and economically take apart a deer’s hindquarter, from top to bottom? If you’ve been processing your own deer for years then you likely have a method that is comfortable and works well for you.

But it’s always good to maybe learn something new, right? One of our favorite folks to watch is Scott Rea, a butcher from St. John’s, Worcester. His video channel on YouTube is one of the most popular among hunters and cooks for the great videos covering different types of wild game. From deer to rabbits and more, Rea deftly shows how to maximize your game animals and prepare some cool dishes.

In the video above, Rea shows how to break down a haunch of venison. He describes it as getting it to the three main muscle groups, which are then “trimmed and tied, the shank is French trimmed, and the rump/sirloin tip is, steaked, resulting in more manageable/usable cuts, which equals less waste, and more kitchen friendly roasting joints.”

Hey, sounds like a fantastic way to get more great venison for the table. Take a look and enjoy.

Here’s a great recipe submitted to Deer & Deer Hunting by Jon Mager for a combination of two great cooking methods. Mager’s Grill-to-Crock Roast is one of the many super recipes in our DDH exclusive book “We Kill It, We Grill It” that’s become one of our fan favorites.

One thing we’d definitely do with Mager’s recipe is, after the roast is tender from hours of cooking, pull it apart to make juicy, delicious sandwiches. With some great toasted bread, onions from the slow cooker and a generous amount of the venison, you’d have a slam-dunk sandwich.

Grill-to-Crock Roast
Venison roast
2 packages onion soup mix
Vegetable oil
Beef stock
Sweet peppers
Garlic to taste
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 pat of butter

Mix two packages of soup mix with half of the water called for in the directions. Marinate the roast overnight in the soup mix. Keep refrigerated, and turn the roast frequently for an even coat.

Grill the roast on high heat until just seared. Make sure not to cook the roast.

When the searing is completed, place the roast in a Crock Pot half full with beef stock, and then add desired amount of onions, sweet peppers, carrots, celery and garlic. Last, add salt, pepper and butter. Cook on high all day, and then slice like roast beef, and serve with the beer of your choice.


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