Foodie Friday: Super Easy Shredded Venison Crock Pot Recipe

Stuck with a thawed-out venison roast, but no time to prepare a big meal this week? Here’s an extremely tasty and simple shredded venison crock pot recipe that will save the day.

Shredded Venison Crock Pot Recipe

Shredded venison is always a crowd-pleaser, not to mention it’s super easy to prepare and cook. It has plenty of flavor to eat on just a bun, or go all out and add potato fries, celery, coleslaw, BBQ sauce and more to liven up the taste. (Photo courtesy



Cut up a couple of onions and place them in the bottom of a crock pot with 2 cups of beef broth. Alternatively use a cup of diced tomatoes and a cup of the beef broth. Add roast pieces. Cook on low for 10 to 12 hours to steam that roast into soft goodness. Flake off the meat with a fork, mix back with the juices, and serve on crusty buns.

You can also do shredded venison in the oven. Use the same recipe, set the oven at 250 to 275 F, seal up the pan so the steam stays in, and cook for six to eight hours.

Leftovers? Perfect! Store in serving-sized plastic containers and take to work to heat up for hot sandwiches at lunch time. Enjoy!


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