Easy Venison Stew Batters Away the Winter Blues

Whether your venison stew is made in a traditional method or with the cool CanCooker, you'll enjoy delicious meals and have family asking for more.

Whether your venison stew is made in a traditional method or with the cool CanCooker, you’ll enjoy delicious meals and have family asking for more.

Imagine a good evening in the deer stand or blind, coming back home or to camp and within an hour or so everything’s ready for a rib-sticking chowdown while you’re telling tales of the hunt.

Or if it’s raining and you’re at camp with some vegetables, spices and a venison roast. All you need to accompany those is a CanCooker and you’re set. Don’t forget to make some cornbread.

Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite beer or other seasoning liquid recipe on top of your favorite ingredients inside the CanCooker and layer with your favorite vegetables. Then lock down the top and cook it over any heat source that will boil water.

Here’s a video of how easy it is to use:

After putting in the ingredients and liquid and then locking down the top, within 15 minutes you’ll see steam venting from the lid. About 45 minutes after that, your hero status will be confirmed as you serve the deliciousness of your “hard work.” Everyone will enjoy wholesome, juicy goodness while praising you for your master chef skills.

cancooker06Thanks to your CanCooker‘s hard anodizing, steam-convection method of cooking, cleanup with soap and water is a snap. You’ll be done in no time and sitting with friends in front of the big screen watching the football game or hunting shows.

Available in the 4-gallon CanCooker and 2-gallon CanCooker Jr. sizes, the old-time creamer-style container makes it easier than ever to make meals, small or large. Both CanCookers are constructed of a highly conductive, thick-walled, FDA-grade, one-piece 1060 aluminum body with a wide-mouth vented lid and a premium high-temperature silicone gasket.

Instead of grilling or boiling of conventional cooking methods, the CanCooker efficiently converts the liquid in the bottom of the container into steam that circulates within its shouldered design to create natural convection circulation for faster, even cooking. And the CanCooker does it without boiling away the nutrients or combining flavors. The results are tender, healthy and delicious.

Give this venison stew recipe a try. It’s one of the favorites of the CanCooker crew and may become one of yours!

CanCooker Trophy Venison Stew

2-3 lbs. venison tenderloin, filet sliced, then diced in large cubes
6 medium white potatoes with or without skins, quartered
2 large white onions, sliced in large chunks
1 bag of baby carrots
6 stalks of celery, cut into ½ inch sections
1 tsp garlic powder
1-2 #303 size cans of whole or diced tomatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
Secret ingredient: add 2 whole bay leaves
Optional: add a can of green peas and/or yellow kernel corn, drained
Cooking: Spray inside of CanCooker with non-stick cooking spray. Start by stacking all veggies on the bottom of the Can Cooker, and then add meat and seasonings on top. Pour in tomatoes and one can of water. Choice here can be instead of water add a can of beef broth and or a can of beer.

Secure the lid and put CanCooker on your heat source. Once steam starts to vent out the top, let the Can cook for 40-50 minutes maintaining steam. When done, be careful to use hot pads or mitts to remove the CanCooker off the heat source. Let stand to cool 5-10 minutes. Remove lid with care. Dip out into bowls or carefully pour into an aluminum serving pan. Enjoy with big cakes of cornbread and add some Trappey’s Bull Hot Sauce to taste.


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