Guys, You Don’t Have to be a 5-Star Chef to Create Great Venison

OK, y’all, this is going to be short and sweet and straight to the point: You don’t have to be a 5-star gourmet chef or even a kitchen whiz to be able to whip up a meal with a great venison roast and veggies.

Can Cooker Jr Best Price


Heck, if you can cut up an onion, scrub the dirt off some red or Idaho taters, throw in some celery and carrots and pop the top on a bottle of beer or water, you’ll be OK.

Why? Because with a CanCooker from Seth McGinn’s you don’t have to be the Galloping Gourmet (you older folks will know who I’m talking about) or Bobby Flay or even the guy slinging hash at the interstate Barfle House to be able to use a CanCooker.

At this year’s Archery Trade Association show in Nashville, I stopped by the Seth McGinn’s booth to visit with marketing guru David Langston and check out the new cutting boards and dual-fuel cooker. A CanCooker Jr. was on the burner and a big serving tray of sausage, taters, onions and peppers was beside it.

Samples! Food! Sweet.

“You made this food today, here?” I asked Langston, noshing on a smoked sausage chunk. Yep, Langston said.

“Get out of here. You made all this food in that Junior-size cooker?” I said. Yep, Langston said. It was easily more than enough for a family of four.



The CanCooker Jr. works great for home use, while the bigger CanCooker does, too, but is even better for large groups like at church, school, youth sports gatherings or a neighborhood get-together.

Langston said it took a little less than one hour with the food I saw there (and was sampling), and a 12-ounce bottle of water. You can add beer, spices or whatever floats your boat.

The concave design of the CanCooker, like the old milk can design from decades ago when milk was delivered in cans, causes the heated liquid and liquid from the veggies to rise, then drip, cooking the food and keeping it moist. A tiny valve in the gasket-lined locking lid allows pressure to escape. Don’t forget the rack that goes inside, on the bottom, too. Must-have accessory.

Langston ain’t a 5-star chef. Neither am I. But I like good food, and the CanCooker works.

Get one. You’ll like it.