Versatile Venison Shines with Bourbon Cream Sauce

Stroganoff is a super way to prepare your hard-earned venison, combining the wonderful flavor of meat with the egg noodles and cream sauce. Add your favorite vegetables on the side and enjoy.

Venison is so versatile it’s crazy to think of the different things you can do with it, such as enjoying it with a delicious bourbon cream sauce and pasta.

Tim Wagner lives in Texas, where he hunts and also enjoys cooking venison for his family. Whether it’s whitetails or exotics such as axis deer, which he’s been fortunate enough to have access to, Wagner makes the most of his opportunities with some simple recipes.

This is his recipe for Venison with Bourbon Cream Sauce, which is sort of like stroganoff. The savory flavor of the sauce adds just enough fat to be flavorful with the venison, which we all know is fantastic. Pair it with pasta in the traditional stroganoff fashion, or perhaps with rice or potatoes. Wagner sometimes chooses roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary, which is incredibly easy to do in the oven, and he sometimes serves it with spaetzle – the delicious German dumpling – and a nice wine or cold beer. Enjoy.

Venison with Bourbon Cream Sauce

Venison backstrap (as much as you need)
coarse-ground black pepper
garlic powder
small onion (optional)
sliced mushrooms
heavy cream or cream of mushroom soup (thinned with milk)


1.) Season backstrap with salt, coarse-ground black pepper, and garlic powder – light on the garlic powder, but heavy on the black pepper

2) Heat a large cast iron pan to medium hot and throw in a couple of chunks of butter.

3) Sautee backstrap until rare to medium rare, remove to warming dish and place in 250 degree oven

4) Sautee sliced onion (if desired) adding a little butter if needed

5) Add mushrooms and immediately de-glaze pan so mushrooms absorb the flavor – simmer until alcohol is evaporated and mushrooms are done.

6) Add heavy cream (or cream of mushroom soup thinned with enough milk to make it drip off a spoon, but not runny) until you’ve got enough sauce for however much venison you cooked – plus enough to spoon or rice or mashed potatoes or spaetzle if you want.

7) Stir well so pan juices, mushrooms and cream are mixed thoroughly. 

8) Remove venison from oven and pour juices into sauce. Mix thoroughly and heat sauce throughout.

9) Add venison back into sauce, or plate venison and spoon sauce on top.


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