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With riflescopes, bigger is not always better. (Photo: Wayne Van Zwoll)

VIDEO: Fundamentals of Ballistics in Simple Terms

What is ballistics? Well, like love it’s, complicated. But if you have around 20 minutes, this video of a vintage U.S. Army training film does a pretty good job of demystifying the multifaceted subject. The film, circa 1949, touches on all three forms of ballistics – internal, external and terminal. And it gets into...

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GunShop: Battle of the 30-Caliber Deer Rifles

It’s one of the oldest rivalries in ballistics — the venerable .30-06 Sprg. versus the oh-so-popular .308 Win. Which is better for deer hunting? By Dave Henderson Quite honestly, it’s the same argument as Coke versus Pepsi, Ford versus Chevrolet or wood stocks versus synthetic. The difference in performance is negligible and although both...

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Gun Digest 70th Edition Hot off the Presses

Firearm enthusiasts and shooting sportsmen everywhere will recognize Gun Digest 2016 as the leading source for information on the latest guns and related gear. The 70th Edition is better than ever, with entertaining articles by some of the top names in gun and outdoor writing covering all categories of rifles, handguns and shotguns. It’s...

Attempting to force a cartridge to do something that it’s not suppose to can lead to inaccurate results and wasted money.  (Photo: Philip Massaro)

5 Things I’ve Learned While Reloading Ammunition

When it comes to getting down and dirty at the reloading bench don’t learn from your own mistakes. Instead, allow custom ammunition manufacturer Philip Massaro help you avoid them through his lifetime of experience. When I started out handloading, it was a simple matter of economics. The younger me couldn’t afford to buy the...