New Gear

Slick Trick RaptorTrick broadheads have a 2-inch cutting diameter with razor-sharp blades.

Hot Gear: Devastation and Death with the RaptorTrick

Slick Trick broadheads unleashes the RaptorTrick expandable broadhead, the latest advancement in an extensive and proven line of broadheads hunters trust to get the job done. Listing to the consistent demand of diehard bowhunters searching for a more efficient and aerodynamic broadhead in flight-that still delivers devastating effects upon impact, the RaptorTrick was developed specifically to...


Styrka S3 4-12×50 SH a Scope for All Seasons

What makes good glass? It’s a question almost every rifle hunter is faced with at one time or another and involves many facets. When it comes to riflescopes, glass, mechanics and manufacturing quality must seamlessly meld together to produce a top-notch optic. It’s a real high-wire act to get these aspects to come together,...

Celestron ThermoTorch is a 3-in-1 hunting tool that you'll want in your gear bag during summer work and the hunting season.

Hot Gear: Get Lit, Stay Charged with 3-in-1 Hunting Tool

Hunting and fishing always involve being out in the elements, and sometimes the elements are not very pleasant. It’s simply part of serious hunting and fishing – sometimes launching the boat or walking to the hunting stand will take place in the dark. Sometimes it will be cold. Sometimes you’ll be far enough in...