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Gravely Atlas Side-by-Side Has Features Land Managers Need

Polaris and Ariens Partner to Create an Intriguing New Option for Hunting Properties By Jared Blohm Most land managers rely on a variety of vehicles to oversee their hunting properties. They use a truck to haul wood, seed, lime, fertilizer, deer feed and other heavy loads. A tractor is usually needed to complete food...


Hot, New Deer Hunting Attractants and Minerals

Learn what’s new with some of the hottest deer hunting attractants and minerals with Jason Campbell from Evolved Harvest. With spring arriving, more hunters are thinking about mineral sites, food plots and planning for the upcoming season. Find out what’s happening on Deer Talk Now so you can be prepared.

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Charlie Alsheimer’s Insights on Deer Behavior

Veteran hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer has observed white-tailed deer for more than 40 years, and some of his findings are interesting. He’s watched deer from birth to death, seeing the behaviors, interactions and more. Check out his insights on the latest Deer Talk Now to learn more about our favorite game animal.

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Alsheimer: Don’t Forget Natural Deer Foods

By Charles J. Alsheimer The role of natural habitat is often overlooked by hunters. It shouldn’t be. Throughout the summer months whitetails consume 6 to 10 pounds of leaves each day from preferred browse species, forbs and agricultural offerings.  In some areas of the whitetail’s range its diet can be made up of over 500...


Start Thinking About Year-Round Habitat Enhancement

White-tailed deer are “browsing” animals. They eat a wide variety of foods and the food selected will depend on its availability, abundance and the season of the year. No one food is eaten in great amounts throughout the year. By the Missouri Department of Conservation These facts must be considered when attempting to improve...

Mast Survey Report Available for Deer Hunters

The 2012 “Mast Survey and Hunting Outlook” is available on the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources’ website and at DNR offices across the state, according to Chris Ryan, supervisor of Game Management Services for the DNR Wildlife Resources Section. Since 1970, the Wildlife Resources Section, in cooperation with volunteers from numerous other agencies,...

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Virginia Deer Feeding Ban In Effect

Virginia’s annual statewide prohibition of feeding deer begins Sept. 1 and continues through the first Saturday in January. During that time it will be illegal to feed deer throughout the state. Additionally, it is now illegal to feed deer year-round in Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah, and Warren counties and in the City of Winchester as...