Deer Hunting Tips

Have deer hunting problems? We have solutions. Our experts share dozens of handy deer hunting tips, tricks and deer hunting tactics to enhance and improve your deer hunting experience. This critical advice will take your whitetail pursuits to the next level.

DDH TV co-host Mark Kayser and a western mule deer buck he toppled testing the new Hornady ELD-X bullet. (Photo copyright Mark Kayser)

Essential Gear for Hunting Western Whitetails

Unlike many Eastern whitetail hunts, where you are only a few minutes from your parked truck, when hunting the expansive West you must ensure you have everything you need for a day in the field. Here are some of the gear items that get put to use for my hunting trips for whitetail deer,...

The author with his 9-point buck felled by a NAP Spitfire broadhead and Wicked Ridge crossbow in a Banks Blind stand that produced two more fine bucks within 24 hours.

Pressure or Rest: Do You Play a Deer Stand’s Hot Hand?

Jeff Neal thought about my idea momentarily and then nodded his head in agreement. “That’s pretty good, considering how much we’ve been in and out of here the last few days,” he said. “I like it.” After three days of hunting out of the same Banks Blind close to the camp house and barn, just a...

Pat and Nicole Reeve manage their property, scout, and hunt together because they love the outdoors and interacting with deer and other wildlife.

Successful Calling Tips for Dominant Whitetail Bucks

It was a cool afternoon and the deer were already on the move as I climbed into one of my favorite tree stands. Shortly after settling in, I noticed movement at the edge of the woodlot. A good buck was coming my way. My heart raced as the buck continued to approach. I carefully...

Changing tactics for hunting big bucks in the wind is a must.

How Wind Affects Deer Movement and Your Hunting

The buck drank deeply from the throat of the icy river, quenching his thirst caused by heavy rutting activity. For a moment, the deer had no inkling I was a mere 10 yards away, safely perched in an old ash 20 feet off the ground. Without warning, the cursed wind ruined it all. A...

Sabrina Simon TenPoint Wicked Ridge Raider CLS NAP Spitfire

10 Things You Need to Know About Crossbows

Crossbows, by design, are not that complicated. In the simplest terms, a crossbow is nothing more than a smaller vertical bow attached to a stock. On a technical level, crossbows are different from vertical bows in several ways. By Al Raychard The arrows used are shorter, and crossbows have a much shorter power stroke....

When you're through hunting, it's best to uncock your crossbow.

Making the Move from Rifle to Crossbow

Fate’s whimsy introduced me to the crossbow. Last November I was a guest at the Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch near Catulla, Texas, invited by Steve Hall, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to participate in the 2015 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt. Shooting a crossbow was one of the activities at...