10 Ways to Beat a Buck’s Nose

Here’s what hunters can do to minimize human odor:

Whitetail deer scent control  1. Wash your hunting clothing and equipment with non-scented detergent.

  2. Use scent-reduction garments.

  3. Store all apparel and as much of your equipment as possible in scentproof totes and/or bags.

  4. Shower with non-scented soap.

  5. Spray all apparel and equipment with scent-elimination sprays.

  6. Under-dress for the temperature until you get to your stand.

  7. Avoid spicy foods that can show up in sweat (garlic, alcohol, etc.) and avoid gas-producing foods (beans, cabbage, etc.).

  8. Fuel up the truck the day before instead of stopping on the way to your hunting land.

  9. Use cover scents common to the local area.

10. Pay attention to the wind at all times.

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