5 Ways to Bag Your Buck Early!

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit. If they weren’t, hunters would never see them ­ and put themselves in position to kill deer ­ with such regularity.

After all, we base nearly all of our scouting and hunting decisions on where deer have been.

Trails, rubs, scrapes and distinct browse lines allow hunters to pattern deer to some degree. Although observations point us in general areas for improved deer sightings, can big, mature bucks really be patterned to the extent that so many experts have claimed over the years? Yes. And no.

To become a buck hunter, you must make the pledge to seriously study deer and deer behavior. There’s little luck involved. The most successful buck hunters in North America didn’t earn their stripes overnight. They were deer hunters first and foremost and eventually turned the corner.

Too many young hunters watch the popular hunting shows and think they can achieve big-buck stardom by studying buck sign and hunting hard through the rut.

And, truth be told, today’s burgeoning herds and a shift toward quality deer management has helped some of these upstarts taste occasional success.

To do it consistently ­ especially on big deer ­ requires many seasons of trial and error. You can, however, shave years off that learning curve by absorbing every word in what many critics are calling the best, no-nonsense whitetail hunting book to hit the shelves in years.

Do you want to jump on the fast track to buck-hunting success? Follow these five rules, and you’ll be well on your way.
1. Keep an open mind.
2. Shrug off bad advice.
3. Read and understand buck sign.
4. Become a trail wizard.
5. Set realistic goals.

To learn more specifics about these five steps, and how you can put a success plan into motion by this fall, check out WHITETAIL WISDOM: A 12-STEP GUIDE TO SCOUTING LESS & HUNTING MORE, written by Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine Editor-in-Chief Daniel E. Schmidt.


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