Best Tips to Set Up an Awesome Bowfishing Rig

With spring rolling into high gear and deer seasons over, a lot of deer hunters are shifting their thoughts to 3D competitions and bowfishing as a way to stay sharp.

Both offer great opportunities for fun, great practice and helping you keep your edge. If you’ve considered bowfishing but haven’t made the leap, it’s not difficult. And one of the cool things about bowfishing is you get the chance, usually, to shoot a lot. Far more than you maybe will in many seasons in a deer stand, at little fish or big ones.

Setting up a bow for bowfishing isn’t hard, either. Check out these great tips to set up your bow, and before long you’ll be out on the water pinning targets left and right!

Bowfishing is fun, simple and can be done almost year-round. But it’s most fun in spring and summer when rough fish such as gar, carp, buffalo and other legal species are available. The action can get pretty hot and heavy with multiple shots in a night and lots of fun.

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