Bowhunting Tip: Create a Shot Sequence Mantra

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The key to an accurate shot on a deer with bow or gun is repeating a set process of steps in the exact same manner each time you shoot.

By Mark Kenyon

Take a deep breath, draw the bow, settle into your anchor point just behind the cheek bone and relax your grip on the riser. In a perfect world, we would naturally remember to run through that checklist, or shot sequence, perfectly before each shot. But in reality, it’s pretty easy to forget about such things in the rush of buck fever.


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To combat this tendency, create a mantra or some type of repeatable phrase you can use to calm yourself and bring your focus back to the shot sequence. For me, that’s, “Focus on form.” I repeat that again and again before a shot, and it always reminds me to slow down and go through each step.

If you’re afraid you won’t remember to use that mantra in the moment, write it on a piece of tape, and stick that to your bow or gun where you’ll see it just before taking a shot. It works wonders for me.



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