Today’s Deer Talk Now Show Features Legendary Callmaster

Whether you’re a deer hunter who wants to fill the freezer fast or simply enjoy a more interactive way of hunting, you can accomplish both by learning a relatively unknown call of the whitetail: the ma-mah bleat.

First identified — and later developed into a call — by legendary wildlife calling expert Jerry Peterson of Tennessee, the social bleat is a call he has used for decades to fill his freezer with venison on opening weekend of archery season. The call plays to the maternal instincts of the doe and once you learn how to use it correctly it can be quite successful. The ma-mah call also is great for coyote hunters, should you be interested in thinning your predators.

What is the ma-mah call?

Find out Wednesday from Peterson when he joins Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks on Deer Talk Now. Peterson will discuss the call and his early-season strategies on the show.

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