Can You Save Money and Sight in Your Rifle This Quickly?

If you’re gearing up for the gun season in your deer hunting zone or state, there’s quite enough time to get to the range and get your scope zeroed in perfectly for the best accuracy.

It’s fun to go shoot at the range. I’ve never heard anyone say they hated it, even the guys who shoot slug guns. They’re not out there banging away for hours but even with a slug gun there’s a sense of accomplishment and fun making sure those big chunks of lead are dialed in. Ditto for your muzzleloader, rifle or handgun, too.

But with today’s prices on ammunition it’s not like you want to go blow through five or six boxes or more of .308 or .338 or .243 just to get a scope zeroed. Again, shooting is fun. But even if you reload ammo you’re talking about a chunk of change. It ain’t like the old days, for sure.

Here’s one of the best shooting tips I’ve seen, courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, on how to get your scope sighted in with just two shots. It helps to have a buddy with you but it’s not impossible to do this alone.

Good luck this season!

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor