Deer & Deer Hunting Now Offering Online Education Courses

Do you want to learn more about deer and deer hunting, safety, improving your skills and becoming a better hunter?

Do you want to learn more about deer and deer hunting, safety, improving your skills and becoming a better hunter?

Deer & Deer Hunting, the company that launched the whitetail industry with the first deer hunting-specific title, is expanding its available resources and improving upon its practical, accessible style of deer hunting instruction with the new “Deer & Deer Hunting Education” online courses program.

“Deer & Deer Hunting Education” is a one-stop shop for hunters of all levels looking to improve their skills and increase their success in the field. Categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, courses explore topics that are most important for developing new skills or refining existing ones.

Topics include bowhunting, camping and survival skills, the white-tailed deer rut, hunting regulations and more. An expert in the field leads each in-depth learning opportunity and is available to answer questions by participants throughout the duration of the course.

All course components are asynchronous, meaning hunters can work through the materials at their own convenience and at their own pace. Participants can log on morning, noon or night to read lesson material, submit assignments or post questions and remarks to the ongoing discussion boards.

danwebinar-378.jpgCourse prices include select hunting gear and instructional deer hunting DVDs and books, carefully selected by expert instructors to encourage attendees to continue expanding their knowledge following the conclusion of courses.

Hunters looking to enhance their abilities and knowledge with a thorough learning experience can check out the new “Deer & Deer Hunting Education” site or course and registration information.

Deer & Deer Hunting gives outdoor enthusiasts who hunt whitetail deer must-know information, from deer behavior to rut predictions. The brand’s magazine success spawned the outdoors television shows Deer & Deer Hunting TV, aired on NBC Sports, Land of Whitetail aired on The Pursuit Channel and Destination Whitetail airing on Sportsman Channel.

Deer & Deer Hunting also produces groundbreaking software programs, numerous books and countless educational media. Visit for more information. Deer & Deer Hunting is an imprint of F+W Media, Inc. (

Update: Registration is closed for the first two courses. More courses coming in 2014.