Deer Hunting Tip: Call Your Way Out of the Lock-Down Phase


The lock-down phase is something bowhunters likely experience every season. It coincides with the peak of breeding, when the greatest number of bucks and does are paired up. Most pairs spend much of the day in their beds, so this is one of the most challenging times to kill a good buck during the rut — actually the entire season.

By Jeremy Flinn

Although doe-in-estrus scents might work well the week or so before this period, they suddenly become ineffective. During this time, your best chance to pull a buck from a doe is to be aggressive.

Rattling and using intense grunts and even “buck roars” can mimic other dominant bucks in a buck’s territory. Though a buck might be able to resist the scent of another estrus doe, rarely will his ego let him sit tight while other bucks battle for his area.

In addition to calling aggressively, patience is critical. That buck might not jump up at the first rattle he hears, but he might after hearing several fighting sequences. The doe might also get up to move and pull the buck along with her. Or the buck might be done tending that doe and get on his feet looking for a new one.



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