Deer Talk Now: Ask Mark Drury a Question

Deer Talk Now

Mark DruryEver wonder how Mark Drury manages to close the deal on so many big bucks? Want to ask him? Log on your computer and join us tomorrow, June 20, at noon (Central) for Deer Talk Now.

A one-hour LIVE webcast hosted by Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, Deer Talk Now will feature noted whitetail hunter Mark Drury. The trio will explain mature buck behavior and calling tactics for trophy bucks, and Drury will give away copies of his newest Dream Season DVDs. The show is a free, streaming broadcast from the Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters. It starts at noon (Central), and will span one hour.

Plus, you can submit other questions for Drury, Schmidt or Rucks on the “Deer Talk Now” webpage starting now and throughout the show. Ask a
question and you will join the pool for great prizes for hunters and  sportsmen given away each week. Join us, then mark it on your calendar, because “Deer Talk Now” will air each Wednesday at 12 p.m. (CST). For more information about “Deer Talk Now,” visit THIS LINK.

Special Buy on Drury’s Secret Weapon

Hyper GrowlWant to know Mark Drury’s secret to calling mature bucks? It’s a unique vocalization called the buck growl. Drury helped pioneer the use of this sound and he has helped develop the Hyper Growl Deer Call to emulate the actual way that deer produce the sound. The addition of a “Hyper Ventilator Tube” to the air passage-way, simulating a deer’s nasal passage or nostrils, creates the most realistic deer sounds ever recorded and a reed system that cannot be locked up with as much air flow as you can give it.

This product is Deer & Deer Hunting approved, but quantities are limited.

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