Deer Talk Now: Learn to Make a Quick Shot on Ghost Bucks

What happens when a buck or doe suddenly appears and you’re on the stand? Are you ready? Can you get ready quickly to take a clean, ethical but quick shot? Within a few seconds?

Sometimes this happens and we watch as a deer either walks on by or spies us and bolts. Either way, that’s a stinker. But you can do something to counteract either of those situations.

Dan Schmidt quickshot bow drawWatch this episode of Deer Talk Now, brought to you by Evolved Harvest, as host Dan Schmidt shows you how he practices quick shots with his Mathews No-Cam bow to be ready whenever a deer shows up.

Also, Dan has some information about a cool new deer hunting product from Evolved Harvest that you might be able to use where you hunt. What is it? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Dan with Evolved scent lure1


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