Deer Talk Now: Secrets Revealed About Buck Dispersal

What do you think about this idea: If you have a bunch of bucks on your property and don’t shoot any of them during the season, won’t you stockpile them for the next season and have more bigger bucks?

Makes sense, eh?

In this first part of a two-part series of Deer Talk Now, host and veteran hunter Dan Schmidt discusses this question. It’s one talked about in deer camps and coffee shops throughout the country. Debate and learning about deer is one of the fun things about deer hunting, of course.

Schmidt says three main questions exist: Why do bucks disperse, when do they disperse and how far do they travel to establish a new home range? The answers, Schmidt said, depend on many poorly understood factors. What is known for sure, however, is that deer are social animals and will set up home where they feel comfortable and are compatible with other deer.

Watch this first episode of the two-part series to learn more!

DEER  Jerry Peterson Kentucky Buck

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