Do Grunt Calls Work on Big Bucks? You Decide!

DEER  Illusion Extinguisher call buck

The effectiveness of using grunt calls to bring big bucks within range is hotly debated by deer hunters at camps and coffee shops throughout the country every season.

But it’s been proven time and again that bucks are curious when they hear another buck in their area. That curiosity often sparks aggression, with the buck wanting to go and whip the interloper.

That interloper would be you, of course, and you better be ready. Check out this video of Tim Roller cold calling and a big buck coming in to his Illusion Extinguisher call to see what’s going on with the new buck in his area:

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The Modislide, found exclusively on the Extinguisher, is a breakthrough in deer call technology. It glides up and down the reed assembly, giving it the wide range of tone and volume that other calls cannot match.

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DEER  Illusion Extinguisher call buck1