Don’t Overlook Late Season Info With Cameras, Scents

Our season is rockin’ along in Alabama with a little more than a month to go before hitting peak rut in much of the southern part of the state.

One of the tracts I hunt is mostly hardwoods with rocky terrain. A couple of bedding areas, some nearby open fields on neighbors’ lands and a couple of small areas I’ve identified through the years as what I call “deer spots” are about it. I came into this tract late for deer hunting last year and still have some more off-season work to do.

Magnum Scrape Dripper

Magnum Scrape Dripper

So my expectations aren’t sky-high. It’s a fun place to go, get away, take a bow or gun, and learn. This week, despite it basically being mid-season here, I hung a Wildview TK-30 game camera facing a mock scrape that’s been hit a few times by a buck. The camera’s easy to attach to the tree, has preset modes or a “turn it on” mode (which I use) and takes good photos.

I eased in, hung the camera, freshened the scrape with a Magnum Scrape Dripper and #1 Select Estrous, and got the heck out. The scrape dripper holds a few ounces of pee and drips during daylight hours in the sun. They’re easy to use and fun to check.

I’ll go back and check the images on the TK-30 to see if anything’s happened, freshen the mock scrapes a little more and maybe hang one more camera. With a few weeks remaining in the season, I may be able to get enough intel for one or two good hunts and if not, well, there’s always next season.

If you’re season’s still open, don’t overlook the opportunity to put out or check game cameras and hit your mock scrapes with fresh scent.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor

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