For Big Buck Success Always Track the Wind

Crossbows for deer hunting


Properly adjusting your strategy for wind direction is crucial when hunting mature bucks. We know this, but sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Advancements in hunting technology have made that easier than ever.

By Mark Kenyon

Smartphone applications such as the and AccuWeather apps provide hourly wind direction forecasts and indicate wind direction and speed. Another neat app for wind is the ScoutLook Deer Log app, which lets you pinpoint a stand location on an aerial map of your property and then see a scent cone, showing you what areas your scent will affect with current or future wind directions.

But as helpful as technology can be, sometimes it’s difficult to beat on-the-ground information garnered using old-fashioned methods. Milkweed or strands of cotton puffs are great wind indicators. Unlike mobile apps, they can show you how local variations in terrain and weather affect the wind in your location.

If you keep the wind at the top of your mind when hunting and use high-tech and old-school methods to detect wind direction, you’ll be well on your way to more consistent deer hunting success.

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