Grow ’em Big: How to Make a Mock Scrape Deer Will Use All Summer and Fall

Mock scrapes are easy to make, can be as intense or simple as you want to make them and can yield great dividends for months after deer season ends.

Balderdash, you say? Bucks only use scrapes during a small portion of the year! Well, they don’t. They don’t hit ’em like we think about during the pre-rut and rut periods, but they do know what’s going on in their world. If you make a mock scrape and hit it with your favorite product or deer urine, bucks on your property are going to stop to take a look and sniff.

GrowemBigIn this episode of Grow ’em Big, the new habitat and deer management show, veteran hunter and land manager Steve Bartylla explains how mock scrapes can help you inventory your deer herd, keep bucks of all ages on your property longer, and how to position mock scrapes near prime food sources.

All three of those are important to your hunting and management success. Bartylla also will give some great tips for making licking branches that every deer on your hunting property will visit, and you can find out how to make a scrape and licking branch where there are no trees.

What? No trees? Yep, you can do it and it’s very easy. All you have to do is watch the episode to find out!

Mock scrapes and licking branches can keep bucks interested for many months.

Mock scrapes and licking branches can keep bucks interested for many months.


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