Have You Watched Deer Talk Now?

Back in spring when Deer Talk Now was in the planning stages, one of the definite items on our to-do list was to have an archive of shows.

Why? For several reasons, one of them being that we were striving to have interesting guests and timely, informative topics. Another was so we’d have all that information at hand to draw from for other projects or stories.

Rev. Zeke Pipher

Our guests have ranged from industry specialists and “everyday hunters” such as Rev. Zeke Pipher of Nebraska and mock scrape specialist Steve Sorensen to notable celebrities such as diehard rocker and hunter Ted Nugent, and real estate developer Donald Trump Jr. We’ve also had a few “Wide Open Wednesday” shows where our hosts answer your questions about everything from bow and stand setups to clothing, food plots and more.

Just as importantly during our planning, or maybe moreso, we knew some folks might not be able to tune in each Wednesday for the 12 p.m. webcast. Depending on what part of the country you’re in or what plans you have, we knew – and still know – that some of you may be at work, having lunch, sleeping if you work a late shift or have something else tying you up.

So if you haven’t been able to tune into Deer Talk Now each week, we hope you’ll check out our Deer Talk Now Archives of all the shows.

Each show is available in its entirety starting with our May 16 debut. You can listen and watch at your leisure, enjoying the knowledge imparted by our guests and hosts, and maybe pick up a few tips to help you during the upcoming hunting season!

Tune in to Deer Talk Now each week, or check out the Archives!