Hone Your Archery Skills, Save Money, Kill More Deer With This Super Target

Deer hunting Florida 063Have you begun practicing yet with your bow? With early whitetail seasons opening in just a few months and the elk and antelope seasons opening out west even sooner, it’s high time to be flinging arrows.

What if you could save your archery target from a bit of wear and tear so it will last longer while also learning more about where to place your shots for more lethal effectiveness?



Definite winner, if you ask us. And that’s what makes the Arrowmat Vitals archery target cover system so doggone cool. It’s a two-in-one item that can help you get ready for hunting season and more accurately place your arrows in the kill zone.

The Arrowmat Vitals target is designed straight from the popular DDH Shot Simulator Software. This realistic target face will help you make deadly strikes by giving you the bone structure and internal organs on the Arrowmat’s protective face.

Arrowmat is constructed of an open cell foam rubber material combined with a neoprene face for outstanding durability. A dye sublimation process for the face allows images to be chemically transferred through heat to the surface of a neoprene fabric. Images are crystal clear and display vibrant colors and detail.

The neoprene cover helps slow your arrows upon impact so they don’t penetrate as deeply, which helps save the life of your main target. The Arrowmat also is weather resistant, so it’ll stand up to the elements.

Arrowmat2With its universal size of 17″ x 17″, Arrowmat targets affix easily to most foam block targets and will work well with any suitable backstop capable of bringing an arrow safely to rest. Additionally, they weigh just 13 ounces, so it’s easily portable if you’re shooting in the back yard, at a range or at deer camp. When done, simply remove the Arrowmat and store it until your next session.

Along with the Vitals Target face, you also can get one with an 8-point buck, 40cm FITA target (with rings and bull’s eye), five-spot or three-spot for multiple shooters, a dart board, Tic-Tac-Cash game, and a deck of cards should you want to play a little outdoors poker or blackjack.

Hone your skills, get the kids involved for some fun with the games, and protect your main target’s lifespan with the Arrowmat target system. Then, be ready for hunting season!