Is it Your Duty to Dispatch Wounded Deer?

Avid D&DH reader W. Pace wrote to me this morning and brought up some excellent
points in response to the “Deer Browse” column from the October issue. Mr. Pace writes:

“I read Richard P. Smiths article “A View to a Kill” in the October 2008 issue. The
question was raised, Who came out on top?  Definetly not the doe. I was embarrassed
when my daughter, an avid deer hunter, read the article. We couldn’t believe that
hunter Steve Polich was more concerned about messing up his first day bow hunting
than putting the doe out of her misery. When Polich got home, his son asked if he
had gotten anything and Polich answered, “I got a much better experience than shooting
something.” I guess our children will grow up with different opinions on our God given
duty as stewards over nature and wildlife.”

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor

One thought on “Is it Your Duty to Dispatch Wounded Deer?


    I agree if a ethical shot was presented at a wounded deer, doomed to a slow death it should have been taken. Nature will take its course,if the hunter didn’t perform the "mercy" kill. My question is What if a young deer had a severed ear dangleing? While not life endangering, the deer would be at a great disadvantage evadeing predators, and would be singled out and picked on by other deer it’s entire life. What should be done in such a case? Posted by: Russell

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