Is It Deer Decoy Season?

Whitetail Deer HuntingIt might sound a little strange, but according to Deer & Deer Hunting field editor Les Davenport, now is the the time to think about deer decoys for rut hunts.

If that doesn’t compute, here’s why:

Man-made products such as deer decoys carry distinct odors, none familiar to deer, Davenport explains. These foreign smells come out most when a decoy is hit by direct sunlight or if the air is heavy with moisture. Using a scent eliminator before placement is effective, but only after thoroughly washing down a new decoy in non-perfumed soap and storing it outside away from human odors. One treatment with an odor-killing product on the day of a setup is not enough.

Davenport recommends getting your decoy now and letting it air out outdoors well before hunting season to eliminate any unnatural odors.

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