10 Questions for Joining a Hunt Club





Before joining a hunting club, a prospective member must  determine whether he’s compatible with the group. Here are 10 questions to ask.


1. Is the club family friendly? Many clubs allow wives and children to hunt on a single membership, but others might charge extra.


2. Are guests allowed to hunt? Some clubs charge a fee for guests, but others might prohibit guests from hunting.


3. Is camping allowed on the lease?


4. Is alcohol consumption allowed in camp? Well-organized clubs have a defined alcohol policy in their bylaws, and they usually prohibit alcohol consumption while hunting, or hunting under the influence of alcohol.


5. Can I hunt other game on a lease, like wild turkeys, feral hogs and small game?


6. Is the membership stable? High turnover might indicate that new members consistently have an unpleasant experience and don’t renew.


7. Does a club have a diverse membership? A newcomer might have a hard time fitting in or being accepted in club populated by members of a two or three extended families.


8. Does the club enhance habitat and provide additional forage for deer?


9. Does the club keep data on the deer its members kill?


10. Can I see a copy of the bylaws? A good club addresses common issues with well-defined policies.

— Bryan Hendricks