Launch Your Spring Season with Turkey & Turkey Hunting Magazine

With spring turkey seasons quickly approaching, what better way to scratch your turkey-hunting itch than to thumb through the information-packed 2016 April Issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine?

Inside you’ll get top-shelf instruction on how to improve your hunting skills, as well the inside scoop on Great Gobbler Gear for 2016. From tips on hunting public land, to using tail fans for hunting aggressive toms to taking your turkey from the field to the dinner table — it’s all here in this Special April Issue.

Turkey and Turkey Hunting 2015 cover

For hunters hoping to shorten the learning curve when it comes to killing spring gobblers, this issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting, from the publisher of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine — packed with time-tested information and tactics from some of the most prolific turkey hunters in the country — will help you do just that.

Issue highlights:

  • The world’s largest hunting lease is waiting where you might least expect it — on public land. Turkey hunting guru Jim Spencer reveals how you can make the most of your public ground forays in this issue of Turkey & Turkey Hunting A vast kingdom of turkey heaven is awaiting your footsteps!
  • If you’re tired of elephant gun recoil every time you tug the trigger of your 12 gauge turkey gun, it might be time to try a kinder, gentler option. T&TH contributor Ron Spomer explains why a 20 gauge turkey tamer might be a good choice.
  • In addition to being one of the most fun, challenging birds to hunt, the wild turkey is also among the most delicious of feathered game. However, if you think your spring gobbler is going to taste like a Butterball, you’re in for a surprise. Culinary king Dave Draper offers some solid tips on how to cook it right in this issue of T&TH.
  • To become the best turkey hunter you can be, it’s important to gain proficiency with a variety of the call options available. In this issue, we’ll take a look at the various types of turkey calls and which ones might be right for you.
  • Taking advantage of a gobbler’s bad attitude to bring him into gun or bow range is nothing new — and neither is using an imitation strutter to really get him worked up. But the modern tactics that go along with using a tail fan to kill ol’ tom have gotten much more aggressive. Are you ready to step into the ring and fight for your next longbeard?
  • Unconventional conditions call for unconventional hunting methods when spring comes late and tom turkeys are giving you that talk-to-the hand attitude. Join Turkey & Turkey Hunting Editor Gordy Krahn as he tries to turn around a spring season that has been heading nowhere but south.

Look for Turkey & Turkey Hunting on shelves in your favorite bookstore or outlet this spring!