Do You Get Your Hides Tanned?

Our recent D&DH online poll asked hunters whether they have their deer hides
tanned and, if so, whether they do it themselves or pay a professional. This prompted
long-time D&DH reader Jake Simon to send us some really neat photos of drawings
his grandfather does on tanned deer hides.


Writes Jake:

“We have the hides tanned, and then my Grandpa uses pens and
pictures like these on them (freehand). Pretty awesome in my opinion!

thought you would enjoy and appreciate them.”

We did enjoy them, Jake – thanks! And to see more of this unique
tanned deer hide artwork, visit our photo

One thought on “Do You Get Your Hides Tanned?


    Beautiful. Same question as Perry, any chance he does any of these for the paying public?Posted by: Matt Myers

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