Plan Ahead When Planting Food Plots


Be prepared so you can take
advantage of your tractor time

A few years ago during a workday on our lease we experienced a broken part on the disk of our tractor and everything came to an immediate halt.

By Alan Clemons

Fortunately our property was only 20 minutes or so from the nearest town. We removed the broken part, a guy zipped over there while we enjoyed a cool beverage and then got to work replacing it when he got back. The unfortunate part was when we screwed up and broke the dang thing again.

Because we hadn’t planned ahead, none of us had the proper tools in our trucks or camp to do the job adequately. We were trying to make do with a few tools we scrounged up. We eventually had to quit, losing valuable hours of tractor time.

Before starting your camp workday, mentally go through what equipment you’ll be using and if it needs some maintenance love. Fresh oil, fuel and spark plugs can help. Consider an additive to curtail ethanol problems unless you can get ethanol-free fuel. Check all the hoses, wiring, filters and anything that may be a headache in the field.

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Make a checklist of items for your planting equipment and camp. Even though you may be able to quickly run to a parts store for a tool, it’s better to have it on hand.

Make sure you have all of the tools and parts you might need: hammer, rubber mallet, awl, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, blunt and needlenose pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, socket wrench and heads, crescent wrenches, plastic zip ties in various sizes, wire and jumper cables.

Get your kids involved, too, with easy but helpful chores like stapling “Posted” signs on land lines and cleaning around camp. If you’re planting in summer, don’t forget some cans of hornet spray to take care of problems in shooting houses. Toss in some bug dope and anti-itch medication for the bug bites you’ll get, too.


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  1. runndeer

    I have a 40 acres place to hunt with 26 acres of woods, that we only hunt the field edge, the deer have the woods. There is a river on the west side and north side. the river bends on the north/west corner of the land. I plan to put a FOOD PLOT near there. There is corn and sow beans crops all round. So what plants would be best to hunt over and easy to care for by hand, NO equipment’s. I know clover will be one of then. Any others

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