Protect Attractant Blocks With Crafty Cutting

We got a note about a cool way to put out mineral or attractant blocks on your property with a little manly work with a chainsaw and drill.

Tree Mineral BlockFirst, of course, this isn’t something you should (or probably legally could) do on public land. If you lease land, you probably should check with the landowner or be ready to do some serious begging for forgiveness, unless said landowner is cool with it. And third, make sure it’s legal in your state to use mineral blocks or attractants.

On with the manliness! Get a chainsaw or ax, or maybe a hatchet, and hack out a chunk of the side of a large, old tree. You’re basically creating something akin to a shadow box for the mineral or attractant block, like these Mighty Deer Lick blocks, with a little shelf for it to sit on.

After making this “box” in the tree, cut a limb that can be nailed or screwed to the trunk across the bottom of the opening. This will keep the block from falling out. Place this about head high for a deer to just walk up and lick. If you live in an area with bears, well, you may lose some to them. So put out blocks at your own discretion.

Pretty neat.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor

Tree Block SS

Tree Block SS1