Quick Fixes for Common Bow Problems

Public Land Bowhunter

By Bob Robb

Peep sight

Peep sights can slide up and down the bowstring, so mark the peep’s location on the string with an indelible marker. If you use a peep that requires rubber tubing to align it at full draw, be aware that this tubing will deteriorate pretty quickly. Check it constantly and always carry a spare. Tubeless peeps are prone to not aligning perfectly unless you give them a slight twist before you draw, so don’t forget!

Bow sight

The best advice anyone can give you is to use the toughest bow sight you can buy with the least amount of moving parts, a rugged pin guard, and strong, protected fiber-optic pins. Use an indelible marker to mark your vertical and horizontal adjustments of the sight pin housing, and constantly check all screws for tightness.

Arrow rest

These are absolutely the biggest bugaboo on your bow. After the bow is tuned, use your marker to mark the horizontal and vertical adjustments, and check the tightness of all mounting screws often. Make sure you pad rest prongs and the bow’s riser with stick-on moleskin.


If the string fails you’re done. One time I was hunting mountain lions in Montana and I slipped and fell during a hike along an icy creek in a snow squall. My bow went flying. When I picked it up I saw the string had come off the cams! Thankfully I had a backup bow. Later, I was able to take the damaged bow to a local pro shop and get the thing put back together. If you don’t have a spare bow, you need a spare bowstring, loop material, nock sets, string wax, and a portable press and know how to replace it exactly the way the original was.


Quality is critical. Check for debris that can sneak its way into the moving parts area and keep it lubricated. Also check the jaws for nicks and the wrist strap for wear and fraying (I had an old strap snap on me during a hunt.) Always carry a spare.


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