Six Steps to a Better Stand

I can’t speak for what other hunters can get away with, but I know my ability to consistently make stands work requires six components:

1. There must be enough cover to hide my movement and break up my silhouette. Being 15 yards or more offset from the deer’s line of travel is a big help in that.

2. It’s always easier to remain undetected if your movement is minimized. Think about this before placing a stand.

3. Using stands that are deadly silent is also a great help in remaining undetected. Test all stands for noise before putting them out in the woods.

4. Ample shooting lanes are absolutely necessary.

5. Hunting stands with the right wind is an absolute must. That makes finding stand sites on the prevailing downwind side of the area key.

6. Finally, the most overlooked part of successful stand hunting is having low impact entrance and exit routes. If given the choice between an otherwise great stand site, offering poor access, or a good one with great access, I go for the good one with great access every time.