Video: What to Do When a Bear Climbs Up Your Stand

Black bears are one of the most curious creatures in the deer woods. They’re quick to check out new things, such as a deer stand. But what happens if their curiosity is piqued when you’re in the stand? This video from a Deer
& Deer Hunting
reader shows what to do.

As the video shows, a simple “hey” will usually scare the bear away. However, had
this been a sow with cubs, things could have been more confrontational.

When placing a treestand, it’s always a good idea to check for bear sign. You wouldn’t
want someone claiming your treestand before you get a chance to hunt, as this photo
from another reader shows.


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One thought on “Video: What to Do When a Bear Climbs Up Your Stand


    This definitely is something that happens more than we hear about.We had a friend that was actually bit in his hand this year after the cubs that came into his site with their momma, tried climbing his tree.He kicked at them, where as hollering didn’t scare them away like in this video but one actually fell,was crying, so momma went up but he butted her with his gun and they all left only to have her return the following night but instead of going to the bait pile,she automatically ran up his tree and as he was trying to keep her down,she bit him and he had to put her down! Not sure the sender for the picture here was claiming the bear sitting in the stand as his BUT I have received it in our email many,many timesPosted by: Wanda C

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