With Bows, Watch Out for Potential Snags

While shooting my TenPoint Stealth SS crossbow a few weeks ago I thought about a professional fisherman and a tip he once suggested about wearing hoodies with tie string hanging near his neck.


Make sure any loose hoodie strings or other gear won’t fall between your crossbow or bow strings at full draw before you release an arrow.

He said whenever he gets a hoodie he’ll either remove the string completely or trim the ends shorter so when it’s cinched and tied, it’s not too long. Most hoodie strings probably are longer than two feet, I suspect, if not a bit longer, and when untied they may hang down around mid-chest level.

He said once when setting the hook on a fish, he brought his rod and reel up around his chest and started reeling quickly. One of his hoodie strings got caught in the reel handle and created a tangled mess. Thus, the trimming or removal of his hoodie strings from then on.

I thought that was a good idea and probably one that would help with hunters using bows and crossbows. When we come to full draw with a bow or snug into a crossbow stock, the ends of the hoodie string could get caught by the bow’s string.

If we’re paying attention to the deer or target, and not a lightweight string that flops over, that wouldn’t be a good thing when you release the arrow or pull the crossbow trigger. It’s unlikely, but possible. Also something to consider for women hunters who have long hair that may not be tucked under a beanie or cap, or in a ponytail.

Before you hunt, be sure to thoroughly check your hoodies, other clothing, and any other gear on your safety harness or around your neck, like your binocular or rangefinder. Make sure nothing’s dangling or swinging around that could get snagged and cost you a buck or doe, or throw you off-balance in a stand.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor


One thought on “With Bows, Watch Out for Potential Snags

  1. gusthegunguy

    Had this happen to me last weekend. Was wearing a hoodie while shooting a target in my back yard, and the bow string caught the drawstring when I released an arrow. The drawstring smacked me across the hand so hard that it drew blood and left a mark for a couple days. I will NOT be making that mistake again.

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