Would You Hunt Deer with One of These?

barrel suppressor

Texas is considering a new regulation that would allow deer hunters to use sound suppressors on hunting rifles. Photo courtesy of Remington Arms.

by Alan Clemons

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission officials have offered a proposal to allow suppressors for hunting game animals, including deer, joining a handful of other states considering the move.

Lone Star Outdoor News reported the proposal should have more discussion and possibly some formal action at the TPWC’s next meeting in March.

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The use of suppressors for hunting deer and other game animals is allowed by some states and prohibited by others. Texas currently allows suppressors for non-game species such as feral hogs and predators.

According to the Texas-based American Silencer Association, 20 states allow suppressors — also known as silencers or “cans” — to be legally owned with proper federal licensing but do not allow them to be used for hunting. The association was founded and is supported by Advanced Armament Corp., Gemtech, and Silencerco/SWR companies, manufacturers of suppressors.

Suppressors do not completely block all sound of a bullet leaving the gun’s muzzle. They reduce the noise significantly by momentarily holding gasses leaving the barrel and allowing them to cool before exiting. Suppressors have been manufactured for more than 100 years. They picked up a notorious reputation during the mobster era and through movie portrayals, lending more fire to the anti-gun crowd.

The Georgia Senate approved the use of supressors for hunting earlier this month. The bill, which passed on a 48-5 vote, awaits consideration in the House. Kansas approved their use for hunting in 2011.

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