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You can’t kill that buck of a lifetime if you don’t have the right equipment. Whatever you need, you can find it here: bows, guns, stands, calls, range-finders and more. Get inside information on the latest, greatest deer hunting products.

Dawn of American Deer Hunting Cover

Dawn of American Deer Hunting: A Photographic Odyssey

Modern deer hunters can travel back in time to discover their roots in Dawn of American Deer Hunting – A Photographic Odyssey of Whitetail Hunting History. This new book from Krause Publications, publisher of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, tells of white-tailed deer hunting’s incredibly rich heritage in America, and how it has played...

Gordy Krahn says the Cooking Venison Digital Download Kit is a great resource for home and camp.

Gordy Krahn’s Pick of the Day: DDH 2015 Whitetail Calendar

  If you’re geared toward planning and organization when it comes to deer hunting, you definitely should take a hard look at the fantastic Deer & Deer Hunting 2015 Whitetail Calendar. It’s jammed with information and you’ll love it if: You want to know when the 2015 rut will peak, You want to plan your vacation...

Clearance Sale promo

Last Chance Clearance on Cool Deer Hunting Gear

Pick up some cool deer hunting gear and knock off a few items on your Christmas list with the huge clearance sale! You’ll find everything from DDH logo t-shirts (very cool!) to great cookbooks with venison recipes, survival gear and much more. Check it out here now:

Smokeys Lure video

Does Smokey’s Preorbital Lure Work? You Decide!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the best mock scrapes even better so curious bucks get fired up about them, then take a look at this cool video. Jeremy James hunts in southeast Pennsylvania and sent this video to our good pal Smokey McNicholas, a professional trapper and veteran deer hunter in West...

Dan Schmidt believes in Smokey's Pre-Orbital Gland Lure to help him kill bigger bucks.

Dan Schmidt’s Pick of the Day: Smokey’s Pre-Orbital Gland Lure

Research proves that the licking branch is the No. 1 key to success when hunting a mock scrape, one of the best ways to fire up a big buck and get him interested in seeing what buck has invaded his territory. The key to that licking branch is preorbital scent. Bucks secrete this scent as a...

Stealth Cam G42 NG

Alan Clemons’ Pick of the Day: Stealth Cam G42 NG

Whether you run game cameras year-round or at very specific times, the bottom line is you want a camera that works, provides great images and video, and will last through weather changes in summer or winter. “On property where I hunt, game cameras never had been used until a couple of years ago when...

Viking Solutions L-E-Vator

Dan Schmidt’s Pick of the Day: Viking L-E-Vator

There’s nothing wrong at all getting a helping hand for your gear or deer, so the ultracool Viking L-E-Vator should be on your mind for deer season. “Whether you’re loading gear to take to camp for a work weekend, heading out during the season to hunt or putting a big buck or doe on it,...

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is one of three new sights for 2016

Bear, Trophy Ridge Release New Hunting Bows, Sights

Bear Archery launches 7 new bows for 2016. Adding to its already diverse lineup comes three flagship bows, three bow models that are offered bow only or as an RTH package in prices ranging from $299 – $599. Also included in the lineup is the addition of the Cruzer Lite, which bridges the gap from...

Thermacell Lantern

Give West Nile a Haymaker When You’re Deer Hunting

The first real good view of how a ThermaCell works came while I was turkey hunting in south Alabama about 10 or so years ago with a friend. He was about 10-15 yards from me sitting against a tree watching one direction. I was backed up to a tree watching the opposite direction. My...


Lee Lakosky’s Pick of the Day: Clover, and Hunting Mature Whitetails

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are known throughout the deer hunting world as masters at managing properties for huge bucks. According to Lee, his magic bullet is the same lucky charm of the Irish — clover. “People ask me all the time,” Lakosky told Deer & Deer Hunting. “If you could put in one all-around plant...