deer hunting rifles

D&DH Managing Editor Alan Clemons with his 143-inch Saskatchewan buck, killed with the Mossberg Patriot chambered in .308. The buck was the first deer killed in North America with the Patriot, which is new for 2015. Clemons prefers the .308 and .30-06 for deer hunting.

SHOT Show 2015: Hot New Rifles, Handguns Land With a Bang

The introduction of new rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders each year is like a second Christmas morning for deer hunters as the wraps come off the top-secret details companies hold close for months or even years. There’s a nice selection of firearms this year for deer hunters to choose from and, word is, more are...

Gun Hoax

Is Someone Lying About This Gun Confiscation Letter?

Surrender your guns, make them inoperable or sell them, but you can’t have them anymore or we’ll come to confiscate them and arrest you! That sounds like something straight out of an Orwell novel, or maybe the oppressive playbook from overlords running Germany in the early 1940s. Right? Supposedly, this paraphrased demand about assault...